La Quebrada Restaurant

Restaurant at 4859 W Roosevelt Rd, Cicero, IL 60804, United States



La Quebrada Restaurant

Delivery & Pickup Options – 59 reviews of La Quebrada Restaurant “DE-FREAKIN’-LICIOUS!
Kids, if you really like Mexican Food…and I’m not talkin’ Caesar’s ( which is fantastic for a whole other set of reasons ), you simply must venture forth from the comforts of your neighborhood, and roll “west-side” style, and hit this place…
Cecina Burritos, Steak “La Quebrada” and a host of other awesome looking selections on the menu, will not disappoint…
I highly recommend the place based on the salsa alone…it’s cooked fresh ( yes, cooked ) and brought to your table piping hot…temperature, and spice-wise.
Go, and be prepared to whip out a smattering of your high-school Spanish knowledge…trust me, it helps.
Enjoy the trip!
**** I forgot to mention…FREE PARKING!!! ****”

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